My CEC Journey

Product Goal is a Commitment

Agile Principles in Organisation Agility - Part 1

True leadership is an attitude

Scrum Guide 2020: Scrum Masters are the True Leaders

Scrum Masters Are The True Leaders Just take a second to imagine a professional environment where every individual connects and donates their intellectual capacity to the fullest. It’s a place where each person experiences contentment. It’s a workplace that bestows fulfillment too. Then again, the description here seems somewhat booking and way...

“Scrum” in IT Services team

Niko-Niko practice during COVID-19 Pandemic

VUCA — Volatility — Uncertainty — Complexity — Ambiguity Volatile — The environment demands one to react quickly to ongoing changes that are unpredictable and out of control Uncertain — The environment requires one to take action without certainty Complex — The environment is dynamic, with many interdependencies Ambiguous —...

Upcoming White Paper: The Stages of Scrum Mastery

Upcoming White Paper: The Stages of Scrum Mastery

Noel Burch, a psychologist, created a learning model to describe how humans go through four stages of learning when introduced to a new skill. When we learn new skills, we experience different emotions at different stages of the learning process. In the beginning, we may not realize how much we need to...

Kudo Cards — A Management 3.0 Practice

Employee rewards and recognition programs are one method of motivating employees to change work habits and key behaviors to benefit a small business. In this article, I am going to share one of my experiences on how a Management 3.0 practice was used to trigger intrinsic motivation   Kudo Cards...

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