Virtual Courses - Special Instructions

Logistics Requirements

A laptop with audio & video provision

Install Zoom for video conferencing [ For Corporate Employees, if you cannot install Zoom on your laptops, please make sure you can click the invitation URL from us and ensure you can join the class from your browser]

Mural ( for online collaboration

Headset to avoid background noise

Before the Class


Join the slack space Once you join, we shall add you to the respective group.

Install Zoom on your laptops ( You are expected to be on a video throughout the class). ******For Corporate employees – You need not Install Zoom on your laptops. But ensure you click the invitation link and join from the browser.

Create a Trello Account( If you do not have one)

Trainers will share the Mural links on the class.

During the Class

Do not close your Mural browser throughout the class

Please make sure you take the call from the noise-free background

Please join the calls from a laptop

Please do not join the class from the two instances ( Mobile & laptop)

Please be on the video during the class, not being on the video is disrespectful for the fellow participants.  

What if I cannot create Mural Account?

You do not have to create Mural Accounts. You will join as an anonymous member. But, please make sure you watch the below video before the class

Watch the Mural tutorial once before the class

What if I cannot create a Zoom Account?

Creating an account on Zoom is pretty straight-forward

Go to      

Click sign-up and create an account using your email address.[ For Corporate employees this step is not required]

In case you cannot install Zoom on your laptops for security reasons, you may still be able to join from the browser version of Zoom. So, Relax!  Just click the invite link and join the meeting from your browsers.

How do I join the Audio?

 For people joining from other countries – Dial-in numbers have been attached along with your invitation      

India – No Dial-in numbers will be given, you may have to enter the Audio from your computer/laptop.

we strongly recommend you to join the Audio from your laptop as it creates two instances if you join Audio and video from two separate devices

When can I expect communication about Virtual class

 You will get zoom invites four days before the class start date

You may follow all the guidelines above to prepare yourself for the class Logistically.

Please give us 1-3 business days to respond to your queries

Data Privacy

By doing so, you are authorizing tryScrum to access your Name and email ID. tryScrum will purge the slack channels created for the class within 30 days from the date of class completion. No part of the class will be recorded.

tryScrum reserves the right to deny your attendance if you do not meet the minimum guidelines to participate in the class. You are responsible for getting familiarized with Logistics before the class. tryScrum trainers are committed to helping in an exceptional situation with respect to Logistics. However, if you do not have sufficient bandwidth or poor Internet connection, tryScrum is not responsible for the missing parts of the class.

Online Code of Conduct

By signing up to and enrolling on a course, you  agree to:

1.Help to establish and maintain a positive and supportive online learning environment;

2.Treat all other candidates and tutors and their opinions with respect, cultural sensitivity and politeness;

3.Avoid Political/Culture Sensitive Conversations

4.Be on time for all Virtual Classes and let tryScrum know if you cannot attend a class for any reason by emailing at least 24 hours prior to the class

5. Communicate only in English at all times;

6. Be on the video with a Casual/Formal dress code

7. Turn off or keep their mobile phone on silent during a Virtual Class so as to not distract the rest of the group;

8. Dress appropriately (Nudity is strictly prohibited);

9. Attend all Virtual Classes from a suitable and appropriate location, such as a shared family room or classroom (not in a loud public location such as a coffee shop or on a train);

10. Share any concern that they have about another student with their tutor and let their tutor know immediately if they feel unsafe in a Virtual Class or breakout room;

tryScrum reserves the right to deny your attendance if you breach the Online Code of Conduct.

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