The Stages of Scrum Mastery

There are four stages of Scrum Mastery, and where you fall will determine both your effectiveness and efficiency as a Servant-Leader. Each stage may lead to the next, and moving from the stage you’re into the next stage will help you become better at enabling self-organizing and intelligent teams that better thrive in a complex world. When I look back on my early days as a newly minted Scrum Master in 2013, I certainly enjoyed the opportunity, even though there was little information available on how to become an effective Scrum Master. Even though I was calling myself a Scrum Master, there is a clear difference between “calling” and “being”.

I am writing this whitepaper from the perspective of Conscious Competence quadrant. It contains my personal experiences as a Scrum Master along with some of my research work. In my view, no one is going to neither stay in one of these quadrants nor move sequentially.

    6 Responses to “The Stages of Scrum Mastery

    • Nice

    • Srividhya
      12 months ago

      Thought provoking paper!

    • Ravishankar
      11 months ago

      Wow.. Loved reading it.. Very good perspective..

    • Good one! A must-read for Scrum Masters & Agile coaches!

    • Gnanasekaran Uthirapathi
      11 months ago

      Well articulated with strong key information. 4 Stages of learning and relationship with 4 Stages of Scrum Mastery are interesting to know.

      Symptoms, recommend antidotes on every stages are really helpful to implement in real life.

      Additional Recommended Resources will help us to explore more.

      Thanks a lot VENKATESH RAJAMANI for providing such a wonderful white paper on Scrum Mastery

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