Confessions of a Product Manager
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As a budding Product manager, I made several mistakes in my career earlier and yet survived. That probably helped in shaping better for the present and the future. But in retrospect, I feel that could have avoided at least a few mistakes if I paid attention to them. Given the...

CSM(Certified Scrum Master) Vs PSM(Professional Scrum Master)
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My CEC Journey
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Product Goal is a Commitment
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A to Z of Scrum
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Scrum was developed in the early 90s. The founders have created a great framework to help the developers as well as the business teams by eliminating the waste. Over the years, the guidance has evolved based on best practices and some context-based practices as well. The founders have made small...

Scrum Master — Values-driven Coach
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Introduction In this era of the digital revolution, the pace of complexity is growing at an exponential rate. Hence there is a need to develop the competencies of people with efficacy. Some of the key competencies are effective collaboration at workplace and community based learning culture. To build such competencies amongst people, the leaders...