Product Owner Certifications PSPO vs CSPO — A comparison
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A Product Owner is a member of the Scrum team. It’s a crucial role for the team as well as the organization. S/he is a Value optimizer and helps with the realization of goals. From establishing a Product vision & goal to stakeholder management to market releases, there are several...

Confessions of a Product Manager
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As a budding Product manager, I made several mistakes in my career earlier and yet survived. That probably helped in shaping better for the present and the future. But in retrospect, I feel that could have avoided at least a few mistakes if I paid attention to them. Given the...

Product Probes
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Recently, I was having a conversation with a bunch of Product management enthusiasts/ Practitioners and one of the discussion points was the identification of customer needs. We all know that at any given time, the focus should be on what users need over what users want. For this, we need...

Product Goal is a Commitment
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Product Outcome Optimization
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Product management is a strategic role and it encompasses several aspects that need to be taken care of. As a product manager, one doesn’t immerse oneself entirely just in feature creation but focuses on problem-solving with an experience that makes users stick to the product without any hesitation. Product management...

Cool, Fool, or a Tool?
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Over the last several years, Product management has become the most sought-after work profile. The Product board calls this period the golden age of product management. They have compelling statistics to prove their point based on a study by Neal Iyer. This indeed is an interesting profession as it deals with the entire...