Prabhu Namachivayam

I met Venkat in RBS, he is very friendly & approachable person. Working with Venkat helped me to understand the agile concepts and how it can help an organization/project to improve. He stepped himself into a transformation project and succeeded in that.

Prabhu Namachivayam
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HID Global( Senior Software Engineer )
Kamal Kumar S

Firstly, I had the opportunity to meet this person at company premises greeting each other. Wondered if he was really a new joinee 🙂 Yes, he was new to the product based start up with bountiful of experience to marry with the organization.

Kamal Kumar S
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HID Global( Scrum Test Developer )
Anand Pradbhu LG

Venk@ has brought in the best of agile/scrum practices at an organization level which has been widely appreciated by management. He has taken a lot of initiatives to transform his knowledge on agile in to practical implementations within the organization.

As a engineering manager, his ability to reach out to each and every team member and guide them to the right direction towards deliverables is extraordinary. I admire his easygoing capability with everyone in the organization. His ability to communicate and negotiate on project deliverables and releases with PO & PM is really inspiring.

Anand Pradbhu LG
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Software Lead Engineer at HID Global
Jenne Lundberg

I had the pleasure to work with Venk during a Lean Innovation Champion training I performed in our ASSA ABLOY HID software development center in Chennai India.

He was part of the group I trained and he immediately took the informal lead in driving the different training workshops and also support me as a trainer. In this I appreciated his coaching skills, using the modern natural way of leading which we embrace in our Lean Innovation approach. He also took a natural lead in progressing the team to certification.

He has a solid background in using Agile/Scrum methodologies in software development and with that his input was very valuable for our approach that includes also mechanical and electronic development. It proved to work very well which helped me in developing our approach further.

He showed and proved skills and results and with that qualified to get the champion certificate, and he is one of few I have met during my trainings that has this deep understanding of both the mechanics in agile/scrum and also the people part of it.

Jenne Lundberg
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Balajee Ganesan

I have attended Venkat’s Agile SM training session in RBS. The training was very informative & effective. He has vast knowledge in Agile methodologies. I strongly recommend to attend his sessions to get more & updated info on Agile framework.

Balajee Ganesan
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Business Analyst at RBS
Mohammad Umar Farooq

I knew Venk@ while we got connected from my initial days at Royal Bank Scotland until now. He is a great personality both personally and professionally with all the SCRUM values imbibed within his character as follows Focus on any thing that he desires to achieve as goals, Courage to provide apt solutions for any kind of situation in a unique style , Commitment with passion towards his profession and life goals, Respecting other person’s empathy,Openness in approaching people with open mind. He has a unique skills such as coaching people, explanation with analogy be it any thing and quick learner with uniqueness which are his primary strengths noticed by me. I recommend and wish him all the best for any organization he serves currently and in future for any roles within Agile.Finally, I will be privileged to be his men tee anytime.

Mohammad Umar Farooq
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Data Enthusiast( Scrum Master )
Pratap Kumar Sahoo

A true agile leader. I worked with Venkatesh during one of the RBS agile transformation assignments. I appreciate his interests in leveraging various agile practices, and his skills as a Scrum Master to enable various practices of Scrum. Highly recommendable for his skills at AGILE frameworks.

Pratap Kumar Sahoo
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( Trainer )
Michael de la Maza

Venkatesh is a capable Certified Team Coach who contributed to the Certified Team Coach Special Interest Group (pathtoctc.org).

Michael de la Maza
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( Certified Enterprise Coach, Scrum Alliance )

I know Venkat for the past couple of years. Venkat has a great passion for Agile and Scrum. I have learned many things from Venkat during my discussions with him. He is a very talented Coach who truly understands how to transform organizations and handle the challenges that arise in complex transformations. His way of explaining concepts is great and he is always concise and precise in making concepts clear. I wish Venkat all the very best in his career.

Vijay Bandaru
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( Manager )

Venkatesh was an Agile mentor + Manager for our Scrum teams of which I was a Technical lead.
He delivered tangible positive results practically from Day 1. From my experience, I can say his expertise and passion towards Scrum and Agile methodologies are unmatched. He led numerous efforts to begin multiple CoP’s and provided workshops for Lean innovation and helped team progress on their Agile Journey.

He is also one of the few who values the people aspect of an agile transformation. His underlying message was always focused on individual growth and in the process taking teams and organizations upward.

Needless to say, I benefited from his interactions greatly and looking forward to interact in future if I had a chance.

If a company is looking to jump start its Agile transformation, educate/train its staff or coach an existing Agile framework, I would highly recommend him in a heartbeat.

Sriram Sundararajan
0 (0),
Tech Lead Manager, Project
Hema Chandra Mohan

I had the opportunity to work with Venkat in HID Global. He is an excellent coach and a mentor, best in class among people whom I came across in recent days. He motivated our group in understanding Scrum, its value and helped our team in transforming to Scrum framework and understand Lean principles. He always drives the team in a manner the team is comfortable with. Recently I attended his session on PSM and it was of great help for the entire crowd to understand Scrum values & becoming mastery in Scrum. Venkat is an asset to any team he works for and I would be happy to work with him again!

Remya Mohan
0 (0),
Engineering Manager( Scrum Master )

Venkat is an excellent agile trainer and an empathetic and extremely effective coach. His innate understanding of collaboration and teamwork bring the agile values and principles to life for trainees, the teams he coaches, and his teammates. While working with him as fellow Scrum Master, I learned a lot and mainly the practical aspect of the agile delivery. In short, Venkat is an exceptional agilist and an invaluable asset.

Hitesh Sharma
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( Optus )

There are people who talk about Agile (but do little), and there are people who really do it properly. And then there is Venkatesh. Knowledgeable, approachable, competent. A true leader in Agile processes, a “game changer” that you want to have in your organisation for enabling your digital transformation. Certified across a variety of Agile practices, and an official instructor, Venkatesh is your Agile coach for training your teams and sail your business through the stormy waters of digital transformation into a safe haven.

Stefano Tempesta
0 (0),
Digital Strategist

It was an awesome and very excellent experience on Scrum Master Training by Venkatesh Rajamani. Being a Scrum Coach having a tremendous knowledge, which will definitely benefit the attendees. The way he drives the session is really wonderful. I really recommend people to take up the scrum master training which will pave a way to our growth on the career. Way to go…

Karthikeyan Dhanapal
0 (0),
Techincal Lead at Sandhata Technologies

Venkatesh is an excellent PSM training coach and mentor. I have had the pleasure to attend his workshop on PSM . Venkatesh ability to interact with a wide variety of audiences and different topics under PSM is simply phenomenal. He tailors his workshop and mentoring program as per the audience needs, bringing into play with his vast Knowledge.He involves his audience, guides them through the program and makes this journey a memorable experience.

Kudos, Venk@!!!

Satish Krishnamurthy
0 (0),
Full Stack Engineer at U.S. Bank

I had a privilege to work with Venkat in HID Global’s R&D centre in Chennai (where he was designated as Engineering Manager as well as Agile Coach). Right from the day one, he was very focussed on setting up the Agile environment in the centre and took various initiatives to bring agility into the teams. He challenged himself to bring in the Agile transformation in short span of time, as a result within in 6 months the team started to became self organised and aligned towards org goal.

He is an expert in providing the KPI’s and metrics to gauge the performance at the team level as well as at the site level. The initiatives and background efforts he took to drive the Lean Innovation Campion Programme (Inter Org championship programme) was acknowledged and recognised by the leadership team of HID. He removed various hurdles of the engineering team by adapting feasible engineering practices (Devops, CI/CD, cloud tools etc) resulted in increased efficiency, transparency, communication and collaboration across the board.

His hunger to pursue more on Agile made him to attend/conduct various workshops and constantly collaborate with the experts of the field. Consistent efforts in the long course of time helped him to embark his identify as Professional Scrum Trainer – one of the prestigious badge from Scrum Org.

He is an excellent mentor in the field of Agile & SCRUM. I have witnessed many aspiring candidates getting mentored under him. Now that he is officially designated by renowned orgs of AGILE, expecting him to conduct more workshops and meet ups to evangelise agile and scrum.

Any org/startup/enterprise looking for agile transformation agents, I would vouch and recommend Venkat for such assignments.

BasheerAhamed Fazal
0 (0),
Software Architect( Trainer )

Great Scrum Master’s trainer and mentor. He opened up several good thought process of scrum.. Happy to got him as a trainer. I m able to look beyond of what I have been doing so far. He is very dynamic, versatile, knowledgeable and experienced. Being a experienced scrum master in the organization, I m seeing great values of his coaching and the guidance. I could really implement and got improved in my career as well. Great going! Thanks.

Jaya Kumari
0 (0),
Programme Manager at TCS ( Scrum Master )

Venkatesh Rajamani is one of the best couch in the industry. He is more passionated in scrum. My team was having lots of issues just like all other team. When he comes to my team as a couch he clear all the problems one by one. His motivation is always a success in my team.

His explanation for each and every problem will be mind-blowing. Every time when I discuss with him I feel more energetic to solve any problem.

Even in real-life also he keeps scrum techniques to solve the problems.

His Scrum.org trainings are awesome. He explains in depth. The way he leans and keeps things in handy are really outstanding. Everyday he learns and keeps on top off everything.

I am PSM certified because of him and his PSM class in scrum.org.

I feel he is a assert for the my company. He always thinks out of the box. He always believes in change and have solution for any problem.

Gnanaskaran Uthirapathi
0 (0),
Software Engineer( Scrum Master )

One of the best things I did was, selecting and attending Venkat’s training on PSM I.

Venka@ do the magic that he does best, he is powerful communicator using simple but effective approaches. He will make sure to engage with the audience and he is so interactive and you immediately feel comfortable to trust him.

His attitude, passion and ability to answer the questions and to explain the problems to an audience is phenomenal

I strongly recommend Venkat@ for the guys who are trying to enter into the agile world for better understanding on scrum framework. I am looking forward to working a lot more with Venka@ in the future for his mentorship.

Subrahmanyam Bathala
0 (0),
PSM-I( Scrum Master )

Venkatesh was my colleague at Mphasis, When I joined Mphasis as a lateral , he joined as a fresher. Though he was my junior I amazed his maturity level. He talks immense in carriers. I admired his accent and proficiently. I have seen him he learnt the latest trends in technology and industry. We were cab mates as well, we spent a good amount of our commute time together and we spoke about next Gen always.
I am happy about his current job profile, but I never surprised. He learns, he put efforts, he deserves.
All the very best .

Sugumar Chandrasekar
0 (0),
Data Architect at Cognizant( Scrum Master )
Steve Porter

Venkatesh Rajamani is a valued member of the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) program. All PSTs undergo a rigorous evaluation process before being accepted into the program, and Scrum.org only admits the very best Scrum experts into this program.

He is active in local agile and software development communities, as well as the broader global agile and Scrum movements. Venkatesh employs the latest training techniques such as Training from the Back of the Room and Visual Facilitation to engage participants during his training engagements.

If you’re looking to train people on Agile Methods ( Especially Scrum Framework), transform the way that your organisation works and enhance transparency, I highly recommend you work with Venkatesh.

Steve Porter
0 (0),
Scrum Master( Team Member )

Great workshop! Very well done and very useful information delivered in an excellent manner. I would highly recommend the PSM Workshop to anyone that is interested in improving their Management,Leadership and in growing their business opportunities.

Ramneek Sharma
0 (0),
Avian Media( Account Director )

An enthusiastic coach who knows the subject very well!! The ability to impart knowledge is perfect..Don’t think I could have had any good trainer than him. Highly recommend to all the PSM aspirants.

0 (0),
Verifone( Project Lead )

Venkat is an amazing coach.
Broader knowledge in any topic.
Venkat focuses on user experience, case studies, group activities, artistic catchy visual charts all prepared by him. He collaborates and communicates at the right levels.
Can’t think of a coach more motivating, patient, and inspirational than Venkat. You are truly the best coach ever !!!

Vidya Babuji
0 (0),
IBM India Private Limited( Scrum Master )

I am very happy to write about Venkatesh here. His PSM Training (Interactive workshop) has powerful presentation which influenced me to play the Scrum Master role and be a change. He has a good network to mentor himself and influence others to take up Scrum role. He is a “Game Changer”. His presence of mind, involvement in coaching the Scrum Master, facilitating continuous learning and attitude towards doing the right thing are the specialties in him. His extensive knowledge and the patience to respond is helping me to implement Agile practices in my organization. I am feeling blessed to have Venkat as my coach.

Thanks is not enough Venkat !!!

Hema Chandra Mohan
0 (0),
Capgemini Global Services Pvt Ltd( Manager )

One of the best trainings I had. The method followed to explain and exercises are very unique and complementary. Trainer has a sound knowledge of the content and covered a few out of topics items, which usually a trainer will avoid since he/she wouldn’t get any extra, like conversational mastery, resourceful tips etc…

Any thoughtful SM aspirant would pick PSM over CSM, likewise I recommend Venkat over any other as a trainer.

Parthasarathy Vijayan
0 (0),
Verizon Data Services( Senior Architect )

I took PSM I & PSPO I training from Venkat and cleared both. The training sessions were really effective as me and my batchmates learned a lot from it, especially from Venkat’s real time examples. I’d like to recommend Venkat to anyone who is planning to take Scrum training.

D. Genesis Manuel Antony
0 (0),
PSM, PSPO( Business Analysis & Agile Enthusiast )

Venkatesh is a very nice Scrum trainer, he has very strong knowledge on scrum and it’s usage…the experience that he shares also gives a lot of information of how your scrum knowledge would be tested in practical situations…

Asit Mishra
0 (0),
PSM I( Senior Developer, Team Leader )

Having known Venkatesh Rajamani for a decade, He is a strong Scrum acumen, astute coach and trainer. I had the pleasure of attending his Professional Scrum Master workshop in Chennai. He possesses encyclopaedic knowledge of Scrum and a deep-seated desire to deliver the best training.

He is an expectional mentor and has broad spectrum of experience covering the delivery of training across corporate verticals. His personal drive and commitment towards knowledge transfer are second to none and there was never a dull moment in his training. He knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn you need to as well encourgaing and positive to all participants. He goes the extra mile to make sure the participants understand the concepts. I always value his advice and support.

If anyone is interested to learn Scrum, he is a sure-footed guide.

Kuppuswamy Subramanian
0 (0),
Microsoft Dynamics Ax/365FO Consultant( PSM1 )

Venkatesh is a true pro in scrum. The clarity with which he teaches the concepts even when put through insanely confusing questions ( mostly by me ) is really commendable.This really helped me understand scrum in it’s true sense. His focus on activity oriented teaching and subtly imbibing the nuances of scrum by involving the trainees in his sessions are his strong forte. Thank you Venkat !!

Subhasri V
0 (0),
Infosys( Senior Consultant )

Venkat – Man with abundant knowledge! I was into agile ways of working for three plus years before I met him in an agile training, it felt like there are much more for me to unearth in that space after that! Completely changed my perspective towards agile ways of working! It is agility that matters!

I am lucky to have him as a mentor! He always had time to do things – Be it doing his day 2 day job, mentoring people outside of work, his Scrum.Org trainings, achieving professional life goals, Time spent for his family etc. Always had a plan of action for his continuous learning!

He has such clarity in agile concepts! Name it he would make you learn and understand! His PSM class is a class apart from other scrum trainings! It had lot of real time flavors added! If anyone who is a starter in Agile would recommend to take his classes! Also to understand much more than that keep in touch with him always, he will take you places in understanding the agile ways of working!

Arunvignesh Ramakrishnan
0 (0),
FE( Agile Coach )
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