tryScrum - Registration Process

Class Schedule

Please visit Events for the class schedule

 Click “Explore” to go to the respective course to view the schedule

 As of now, all the classes are virtual so anyone can attend the workshop as long as their base location is India.


I have an Access Code, how do I use it to avail discount?

If you have an access code, 

On the ticketing page choose the “HAVE AN ACCESS CODE?” and enter       

      your access code to unlock hidden tickets

Before proceeding to the next page you may have to enter the “ACCESS CODE” on the first page itself.


I have a Discount Code, how do I use it to avail discount?

If you have a discount code, 

On the ticketing page choose the ticket and click ADD Tickets option       

Fill all your details like name, email and telephone number

Now on the next page, you will see an option to enter “Discount Code”. Please enter your discount code.


Upon successful booking, the invoice would be automatically generated and sent to your email ID. Please ensure you have your email address verified.

For queries related to the invoice send an email to and wait for 1-2 business days to respond.

Corporate Booking

if you have an “ACCESS CODE” shared by your L&D team, you may directly book using the ACCESS CODE.

If you do not have an ACCESS CODE, please talk to us before booking your tickets. If your query is very urgent, please mention *Urgent in the subject line and send an email to


For all GST Invoices please talk to us by writing an email to before booking.

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