Product Owner Certifications PSPO vs CSPO — A comparison
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A Product Owner is a member of the Scrum team. It’s a crucial role for the team as well as the organization. S/he is a Value optimizer and helps with the realization of goals. From establishing a Product vision & goal to stakeholder management to market releases, there are several...

Confessions of a Product Manager
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As a budding Product manager, I made several mistakes in my career earlier and yet survived. That probably helped in shaping better for the present and the future. But in retrospect, I feel that could have avoided at least a few mistakes if I paid attention to them. Given the...

Coaching Agile Teams
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Let’s start with a question. What are the things that one has to consider for building a successful team? Most people will think of Right Skillset. Skillset X Skillset Y Skillset Z Is that enough for a Successful Team?  While Right Skillsets are needed, the reality is if you ask...

CSM(Certified Scrum Master) Vs PSM(Professional Scrum Master)
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What is Agile?
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I have worked with several teams in the past half a decade, across the globe. There has been confusion among many professionals centring on the fact of calling Agile as a specific ‘Methodology’.  So, the question is, if you can’t call Agile a Methodology, what is it actually? Googling the...

My CEC Journey
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