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At tryScrum we’re a little unconventional!tryScrum values impactful education and lifelong learning. Therefore, we take enough care in choosing our Trainers. tryScrum trainers are passionate, enthusiastic, creative, and an intrinsically aligned community of coaches. We treat our selection process in high regard, providing a platform for our Trainers to maximize the global impact of Scrum and agile education to Humanize Organizations.

Why tryScrum

One of the highly rated companies on Trust Pilot 4.7/5

Rated as one of the Top 10 institutes for Leadership Development by CEO insights India

 Platform to enhance your Skills!


Work with World’s most respected Coaches!

Application Overview

Online Application (Coming soon!)

Value Fitment

Show us your love and Passion!

Demonstrate your training abilities

Step 1: Pre-requisites

A candidate must be an active Agile Practitioner in good standing (free of tryScrum Code of Ethics complaints or violations).

 The candidate must have delivered at least 20 qualifying pieces of training events in the areas of Scrum or any other Agile Frameworks. To be able to apply for an ICAgile Instructor, the candidate must hold one of the Credentials from a recognized body.

For example: ICF(ACC, PCC) or Co-active or New-Field Coaching Credentials in addition to the Industry experience as an Agile Coach.

A minimum of 10 years of experience in IT Industry

A minimum of 3 years as an Agile Coach ( Knowledge-based Certifications alone are not considered)

 A Motivational letter stating why tryScrum?What do you know about us? Why not others?

 Deep experience on Scrum( This is a must). Take us through your experience. Applications that are including deep experience will get special attention.

 Demonstrate your training approach either through a short video or reviews that we can see!

 We are not looking for a Certification list. Please do not send us any certifications or Resume! While we value that, we appreciate your creative work more than that! Send us your creative works, your experiments, your failures (yes we love that)

For example : whitepapers, blogs, podcasts, or any other creative work that you have done in the field of Agile Coaching. That grabs our attention! PSM III or Scrum Alliance CTC/CEC or Certified LeSS Coach – will grab our attention! (Not Mandatory)

Step 2: Online Application

If you possess the qualifications we’re looking for and want to join our community of Passionate Coaches. Then we would like to meet you! Please use our online application form to submit your application. Include evidence of the above in your application.

Step 3: Conversation

You will be invited to have a conversation with at least three of our Team Members. That will be a full day conversation. Impress us! There is no structured process here!

Step 4: Shadow Training

Co-train with tryScrum Trainers. Get feedback. Be vulnerable!

Step 5: Join us

Review and agree to all the terms of being a trainer at tryScrum, which are contained in the non-disclosure Agreements.

Trainer Application

Due to overwhelming applications, we will be able to get back to only to the successful applicants.

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