True leadership is an attitude
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Writers Ken & Jeff, in their Scrum Guide 2020, having introduced exclusively the framework for Scrum, have put it as:

“Scrum Masters are true leaders who serve the Scrum Team and the larger organisation.”

  • In what way I can render my Scrum teams a safe environment?
  • In what way I can feel safe, for enabling this environment?

The Creative Structure of the mindset is starkly different, where the patterns, besides the performance, are unlike the Reactive thought-process. Scrum Masters with a creative thought-process would essentially bootstrap their mental faculties from a highly creative viewpoint. They possess the passion, a clear vision and limitless love in serving their organisational teams and companies. Simultaneously, they are not concerned about the outcome. For them, every problem is a golden opportunity. Hence, the loop supports Scrum Master traversing towards creative dimensions of the thought-process or attitude. Thus, the natural tendency of attitude is leading towards balanced, sustainable results. 

Once the Scrum Masters have the realisation of their creative power, they deftly shift the manner in which they deliver their suite of services. The focus remains on what they try to create, on the basis of knowledge they have. They also pertinently realise there is no existence of a safe and sound path to genuine leadership. Rarely do we function creatively always. Our minds do juggle. But cultivating mindfulness when you are reactive can positively aid in deciphering thoughts. By consciously focusing on the shifting thoughts, a creative mindset, which I term as Abundance mindset, can be achieved. 

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